Leadermek Srl has been founded in 2007 by a professional experts in mechanical, electric and electronic fields and in industrial automation who have been studying for over 20 years useful and creative items for Italian and foreign Companies.
Since 1987 the group has been developing many automatic machines and CN work centers in glass, marble, wood and plastic field.

Leadermek staff:
Stefano Ciacci – designer
recently awarded by “Mercurio d'Oro” for his 20-years very high level career. Thanks his creativity he found wide agreement for his new solutions given to clients and gained collaborations with high level companies as Ferrari, Fiat Marelli, LAM Progetti, SCM Group, CMS Spa Brembana, Tecnometal Srl.

Daniel Italo Pedrini – designer
since 90s he has been cooperating, creating and developing machines in the glass and marble fields. Innovations he introduced working in close contact with final user of work centers made possible the current evolution of glass and marble Italian machines. Thanks to recent refinement and optimization on CAD-CAM systems we could produce some articles as with the famous software house DDX with products as EasyGlass or EasyStone used by several cdl builders in the marble and glass fields.

Andrea Del Bianco – technician, sales agent
he cooperates on develop and design processes, creative solutions on Customer Service technic issues. His almost 20 years old career followed the building path and developing of the Company in which he worked in all productive steps of single cdl before arriving to manager responsibilities as After Sell Off Service, Spare Parts Office, and Technic Office with products managements duties and technical documentation, CE Certification, feasibility studies, technical dossier, etc.

The demonstrated passion on developing this activities and to reach new goals lead this team to found LEADERMEK Srl, a young and dynamic Company projected to future with the will of realize high performance machines with the most advanced technologies now available, sure to satisfy the requests of a market every day more demanding, dynamic and in continue developing.

3D modeling
Process engineering
Production of Industrial System of Automation
Customer Care and Spare Parts service

Leadermek s.r.l
v. della Repubblica, 35 - 61030 Lucrezia (PU) - Italy
Tel +39 0721.876019 - Fax +39 0721.875133

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